Little girl adjusting a fairy garden

If you plant it, they will come— fairies, that is

Got fairies? Find out by creating a miniature world just for fairies in your yard. Fairy gardens—also called “gnome gardens” or “miniature gardens”—are now very big in the gardening world. Hill Country Water Gardens and Nursery offers classes and workshops led by Emily Button on miniature gardens. She shares a few things you might want to know for creating your own mini garden.

It’s not just for kids…

Fairy gardens are fun for people of all ages. “I have had dads and daughters, grandmas and grandpas, mothers and sons, and groups of girlfriends come to my workshops,” Emily says. It’s an opportunity for young and old to use their creativity, to get outside and get their hands dirty. Kids don’t have the monopoly on it!

And it’s not just for girls…

Boys can get in on this, too! Despite the common name, miniature gardens aren’t all fairies and pink princesses. Not everyone wants a fairy in their garden, and that’s okay! “I had one little boy make a Plants vs. Zombies theme mini garden that was adorable,” Emily says. “Another boy made a medieval-themed garden with a wooden castle guarded by a dragon. He surrounded his castle with a lava moat made with red crushed glass.”

It’s educational.

Kids not only choose their decorations for their garden, but they also choose their live plants from a wide selection, ranging from herbs to succulents to very small trees and shrubs. Kids learn how to care for their plants’ specific gardening needs.

And don’t forget fun!

Fairy gardens are fun because there are no rules. You can make your garden very formal or very whimsical. You can even decorate for each holiday season. It’s all up to you.

Hill Country Water Gardens and Nursery will host a Fairy Garden Tea Party on May 21st. Miniature garden workshops will be held almost every Wednesday and Saturday, May–August. Private parties are also available. For more information, contact Emily at 512-260-5050. Hill Country Water Gardens and Nursery is located at 1407 N. Bell Blvd. in Cedar Park.

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