Nick Ramos on the Poppy Fest logo

This month marks the 17th Red Poppy Festival, which welcomes approximately 55,000 visitors to the Georgetown Square. Those people buy mugs, t-shirts, and other fun goodies all bearing the Red Poppy logo, but most of them never give a second thought to the person who created it. The cheerful and now-familiar guitar logo is the brainchild of Nick Ramos, owner and creative director of Graphismo Graphics.

The Challenge:   In 2009 I was asked to revamp the Red Poppy logo. The goal was to create something more youthful and fun. Poppies were a given in the design, but we also wanted to appeal to music fans, since the festival always features great music. The guitar image is a logo, but what we really did was create an identity, a brand, for the festival.

Nick Ramos

The Design:   Just a few thoughts are: Is it original? Does it communicate what the business or organization is about? Will the logo still be relevant 10 years down the line? These were important considerations for the Red Poppy Festival logo. Although the festival only lasts a weekend, it has a huge impact on our local economy, and for many people, it’s their first introduction to Georgetown.

Timeline:   On average I spend 40 to 60 hours working on a logo. The initial Red Poppy Festival logo was designed in the summer, months ahead of the next festival. We begin working on [each] festival’s visual theme and graphics [for promotional materials] before Christmas.

Job Fulfillment:   I get a sense of pride that my work can make a big difference to a business or an organization. I love the collaboration process and making ideas into reality. I like the challenge of solving a client’s problem while at the same time creating something unique.

“When Nick redesigned the Red Poppy logo, I think it took the festival to a whole new level.”

—Cari Miller, Convention and Visitors Bureau manager

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