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How a simple record player can turn back time

Given the resurgence of vinyl records the past few years, I’d wanted a turntable so that I could listen to records, instead of depressing TV news, while cooking dinner. But I never expected the experience to awaken such memories: sitting in my room, studying cardboard jackets covered in cool graphics and photos of Led Zeppelin, Three Dog Night, and Cher; the need to actually walk across the room to turn the album over; and even the ball of dust that collects on the needle. I heard songs that I hadn’t thought of in decades, but the words still, somehow, were stored in the back of my mind. For me, traveling to the record store is way more fun than pushing a button to download a single song from the Internet. I can get lost for hours as I rifle through bins of old albums and find new ones. Recently, rediscovering an old Donny Osmond album from my pre-teen days made for a fun, laughter-filled afternoon with friends when we sang along to “Puppy Love” in my living room. As the needle lowers and the crackling starts, my heart is complete with music again, and my dinner might taste a little better, too.

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