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An interview with local author D.A. Featherling

As D.A. Featherling, local author Dorothy Featherling is a prolific writer whose vivid imagination hasn’t kept her boxed in to any one genre. She has written romantic comedies, millennial fiction, and mysteries. Last year she published her first nonfiction work, two books in one, Who Killed Ben Miller? & Death of a Juror, both stories based on baffling, but unrelated, incidents that occurred in Georgetown in the 1930s. One was a blatant, unsolved murder; the other was a suspicious illness resulting in an even more inexplicable death.

Why did you decide to tackle nonfiction?

The book has everything. Unsolved murder, mysterious death, a famous murder trial, corrupt politicians, dirty cops, a love triangle, just all of this amazing stuff, and it was all real.

How did writing nonfiction compare to writing fiction?

The research is probably the biggest thing. Even fiction books require a certain amount of research, but this was beyond anything I’d ever attempted. The research for both storylines took about nine months but the actual writing only about one month.

What was the most challenging part of writing this book?

You’d think 84 years later people would be willing to talk about these events. They weren’t. Even though there are very few remaining family members, either still alive or residing in the area, of the people involved in these stories there’s still a lot of reluctance to talk about [both events].

Who Killed Ben Miller cover

What do you believe you accomplished?

[In the murder case], I believe I know who did it. And I named names. Later, after the book had been out for a while, I ran into a few people who said, “You’re right. He’s the one who did it. That was the talk going around town when it happened.” I know it sounds hammy, but I really feel like justice was done.

For more information about Dorothy and her books, including her newest mystery, Conventional Murder, visit www.dafeatherling.com.

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