The Wedding Oak

Photographer and her husband journey to the legendary “Wedding Oak” near San Saba

After stumbling across a website that lists famous trees in Texas, I decided I had to see the legendary “Wedding Oak.” My husband took me on our motorcycle to see this beautiful live oak, growing by a quiet country road just outside San Saba. As soon as we rounded the corner and saw its limbs reaching over the road, we knew we’d found it. The tree seemed unassuming at first, until we moved closer and stopped underneath the massive branches. I took several photos of the tree, from every direction I could fathom. We stayed longer than we’d planned, imagining the scene without fences and without the paved road. The tree’s far-reaching branches created a feeling of protection and safety. We wondered how many weddings had taken place under the beautiful tree and vowed to return for a picnic someday soon.

The historical marker reads, “A legendary Indian site, popular into the 1900s, Wedding Oak sheltered many marriage services. Three occurred in one day, December 24, 1911.” (Texas State Historical Marker 1972)

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