Rainy Day

A creative outlet can wipe away the blues

When cabin fever sets in for me during the cold and rainy season, I feel a strong urge to go out and photograph. I recently realized that photographing is my therapy. It’s the way I see things, and it’s sometimes how I communicate. My camera feels like an extension of my arm, and photographs are an extension of my soul. I don’t feel cold or heat or pain when I photograph, only joy in the results. One rainy day, I ventured out to Granger and was surprised to come across many possibilities—a piano out in the rain, a horse ring in the sidewalk from a time when horses, instead of SUVs, pulled up to stores, a concrete lion, and a train blurring by. Looking for something unusual helps me add depth and story to photographs, as well as an inexplicable sense of satisfaction. What’s your therapy?

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