Erin Szczerba at the laundromat

Showing love to the Georgetown community

Some families complain about how much laundry there is to do, but who can say that they do 500 loads of laundry in five months? Erin Szczerba can.

After learning about Laundry Love, a program that helps people in need to have clean clothes, Erin thought it was “such a simple, practical way to love the community.” Since May, Erin and others from First Baptist Church of Georgetown have held monthly laundry washing events at U Wash M on Main Street. During the event, volunteers supply the machines with quarters and offer free detergent. They converse with those they serve.

Doing laundry with Laundry Love

Through social media, email, and word of mouth, they’ve recruited additional volunteers. Now they’re working with local elementary schools to get the word out to families who may need assistance. They also hope to partner with The Caring Place.

Laundry Love, which helps church and civic groups of all kinds organize service across the nation, has been meaningful both to the families served and to the volunteers. “The individuals and families that come to the Laundry Love events are so grateful, and their stories have impacted us greatly,” Erin says. “My eyes have been opened to the fact that the struggles that go along with poverty are prominent right here in Georgetown.”

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