Photo by Noelle Kai Photography

Photo by Noelle Kai Photography

The story of one daring move that paid off

“Screw it. Just do it!”

The expression may sound crass, but marketing expert and Georgetown resident Ryan Levesque (pronounced La-VEK) has dubbed it the most profitable of his career. According to Ryan, those five words continue to push him out of his comfort zone, towards higher levels of achievement.

Now a #1 national best-selling business author and creator of the Ask Formula—a marketing method responsible for generating more than $100 million in online sales—Ryan shares one of his favorite “Screw it—just do it!” stories.

What’s one of the craziest things you’ve done in the name of business?

When my wife and I moved back to the United States, I decided the fastest way to advance my business was to hire Glenn Livingston, PhD, as my coach. He wasn’t taking any private clients, so I came up with a big idea to get his attention: I walked into the BBVA Compass branch on Williams Drive—I was so nervous, I remember my hands shaking—and ordered a cashier’s check for $1,000 and a crisp, pristine $100 bill. I affixed them to a five-page letter I’d spent about two months perfecting and used FedEx overnight delivery to ship it to Glenn on Christmas Day.

Book cover art by Coachzing

Book cover art by Coachzing

Did the plan work?

[Nods] He got the package and sent it back, saying it wouldn’t be fair to others on the waiting list if he accepted. But he noted that he “might be opening up slots for private consulting clients and it might be on this day, so you might want to watch your email.”

I take it you got the hint.

I did. We coached together for about a year and a half, and he helped me with one of the businesses we started. That became so successful that he took me aside and said, “You know this methodology better than I do. How would you like to take on some of my overflow clients?” Over time, the methodology evolved from what he taught, taking on a life of its own and becoming what I now refer to as the Ask Formula.

Just curious—how much does it cost to overnight something on Christmas Day?

It’s like hundreds of dollars. [Laughs] It’s expensive.

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