Gingerbread house

Sweet creations delight at the library

Run, run as fast as you can . . . to the Georgetown Public Library for its 14th annual Gingerbread House Contest! This event is fun for children and adults, patrons and participants. Children’s Services Librarian Bethni King agrees: “People really enjoy sharing their creations, and patrons love looking at and voting on the gingerbread houses.”

Gingerbread winter castle

The contest features three categories and four different age groups, and the winner in each category and age group receives a $25 gift card. Voting can be a challenge—about 30 entries are registered each year, and the exhibits are never short on creativity. Inventive bakers and decorators can think outside the traditional gingerbread house, too. Past entries have included such famous buildings as Rome’s Colosseum, the Williamson County Courthouse, and London’s Big Ben. “Really the limit is anything someone can imagine and build,” Bethni says. Even the Tardis has made an appearance!

Gingerbread beaver dam

The entries are also never short on flavor. Guidelines for the contest are few, but one is that all building materials must be edible.

“The Gingerbread House Contest is one of my favorite programs,” Bethni says. “The entries are always delightful, surprising, and thoughtful. [They] provide the library with a whimsical atmosphere during December. And, of course, [they] smell wonderful!”

Gingerbread UT Tower

Gingerbread House entries will be accepted at the library December 4th–6th. Voting will take place December 8th–13th. Winners will be announced December 14th. For more information about contest rules and guidelines, visit the Georgetown Public Library at 402 W. 8th Street or call 512-930-3551.

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