Cody Boling training a student

Behind the Trainer of the Year

Cody Boling has been an athletic trainer at East View High School (EVHS) for only three years, but he’s already been named the Central Texas Football Coaches Association Athletic Trainer of the Year.

“It was an honor just to be nominated for the award by [EVHS Football] Coach Rob Davies,” Cody says. “Receiving it is encouraging for me and all the excellent trainers throughout GISD.”

Cody holds bachelor’s and master’s degrees from Angelo State University. He and his wife, Brittney, have two sons, Brody and Barrett.

What’s a typical day look like for a high school athletic trainer?

During football season, we start at 6 a.m. working with varsity players on injury recovery, post-surgical therapy, and preventative treatments. We’re on site during practice and go back to doing rehab afterward. In the afternoon, we repeat the whole process with the freshman team.

What about game days?

We load the equipment trailer, participate in the pep rally, and prepare players by taping ankles and such. We are on site for the game, and by the time we’re done, it’s been an 18-hour day. Then, we’re back in the training room on Saturday mornings for post-game treatments.

What are some positive aspects of the job?

The relationships I am building with players and staff and the opportunity to be a positive influence and a living example to these young men and women.

Any negatives?

The biggest negative is time spent away from home. However, my wife was a college athlete, so she understands the schedule. On non-game days, we always make sure to have dinner as a family.

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