Exploring after retirement

My husband always said, “After I retire, let’s buy a sailboat.” So right after he retired, I said, “Let’s get that sailboat.” We moved from Oklahoma City to Kemah on the Texas Gulf Coast and bought a sailboat. We worked on the boat, and I learned to sail. (My husband already knew how.) I’d never even been on a sailboat before! We left Kemah and sailed all over the Gulf Coast, Florida’s coasts, and even to the Bahamas. We sailed for three years, living on the boat. Our friends and family were always irritated with us because we didn’t have a cell phone, and they never knew where we were. It wasn’t only a wonderful experience—it was life-changing. After that, we decided to tour the United States and live in a travel trailer for another three years. Then we decided we needed a home base, so we bought a home in Georgetown.

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