Finding balance

The physical and mental challenge (and rewards) of balancing stones

Recently, I learned about rock balancing at a rock stacking championship in Llano, Texas. I was intrigued by the rock shapes, creases and colors, and the improbable balance of the stack, all of which attracted me to photograph the momentary works of art. So I decided I could do it—balance rocks—in my own backyard. I gathered some rocks, and using both hands to stack them, I completely focused on the creation. I couldn’t look at my phone or do much else except concentrate on making the pieces fit while birds talked back and forth in the live oaks. The rocks seemed to line up, my hands steadied, and I pulled slightly away, but the top rock teetered and fell, time and again. I concentrated harder, and finally, after a few ever-so-tiny movements, my hands felt the balance come together. Slowly, I moved away from the stack. The top rock appeared to be suspended in air.

Sometimes, what might seem improbable is within our reach.

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