Fog on the White River

Fishing in the fog on the White River in Arkansas

My husband and I love to fish the White River in Arkansas. Catching trout is always a bonus, but floating down river at sunrise while patches of fog hang above the 50-degree water is just plain magical. The layer of fog swirls and clings to the surface of the water, making fishing boats appear is if they’re floating on clouds. Nothing can be heard but an oar clanking against the side of a boat and, occasionally, a distant motor propelling fishermen upstream. By mid-morning the air can get still and muggy as the sun begins to burn through the fog. Even so, we stay on the water and try to catch our limit. I cast my line once again and allow the bait to drift with the flow of the river. Suddenly, the wind blows a patch of fog in our direction, and the welcome breeze feels just like air conditioning.

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