Thomas Wrege

Zion Lutheran Church and School Principal

On September 28, 2014, Zion Lutheran Church and School in Walburg installed Thomas Wrege as the 18th principal in the establishment’s 133-year-old history. Mr. Wrege served as a Lutheran school administrator in Utica, Michigan, prior to coming to Georgetown. In 2013 he was among 61 principals named as National Distinguished Principals, the only Lutheran Church Missouri-Synod principal to receive the award.

What’s your vision for Zion Lutheran Church and School?

I have a sign on my desk that reads “Keep It Simple,” and my vision is just that. It is for me to be a blessing and a faithful servant to our students, school community, congregation, and church at large. It is to seek growth in the school for the sake of spreading the Gospel message and to provide Christian education to more children in the Georgetown community.

Zion Lutheran is famous for its November Wurstbraten sausage supper. What did you think of your first Wurstbraten?

Wurstbraten was an incredible event! I was blown away by the preparations, the amazing food, the unbelievable crowds, and the loving participation of the Zion folks. I participated by helping with the Saturday meat-cutting and sausage-making. I took every opportunity to share the Gospel message and to tell everyone about our ministry here on the hill.

Tell us what you’re secretly scared of.

Public speaking. Ironic, I know! My favorite Biblical character has always been Moses, who seemed to struggle with speaking… but God equipped him. That’s the way I feel. No matter how much I struggle with getting up in front of people, I know how important it is in my position, and God always equips me.

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