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Creating the San Gabriel River Trail system

If you’ve ever walked the trail from San Gabriel Park to Booty’s Road Park, or if you’ve driven down to the park, where the north and south forks of the San Gabriel meet, to feed the insatiable ducks and geese, you’ve likely seen the trail marker for the Randy Morrow Trail. The marker, dedicated on April 5, 2013, honors the man who envisioned the San Gabriel River Trail system.

Morrow (1955–2012) served as Georgetown’s director of Parks and Recreation and began piecing his vision together in 1994. During 21 years of service, he led the creation not only of the trail system, now a designated National Recreation Trail, but also of more than 20 area parks.

More than eight miles of trail are available to walkers and bikers because of Morrow’s work. He obtained and coordinated more than $2 million in grants and donations of parkland to bring his vision to fruition before his retirement in 2011.

Photo by Carol Hutchison

Photo by Carol Hutchison

Meredith Morrow remembers walking the trail with her father. “He knew every step and turn,” she says, “and even a few secret spots just off the pathway. He loved to see people out enjoying the trail with their families.” By design, the trail unites the two sides of Georgetown, running right under I-35. “He wanted to give every person in Georgetown equal access to outdoor spaces,” Meredith says of her father. “It’s almost like he left footsteps into the future.”

Ready for a river walk? Download a map of the San Gabriel River Trail system, including the Randy Morrow Trail.

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