A pair of bald eagles along Highway 29

Photographer Carol Hutchinson shares a photo of bald eagles nesting near Llano, Texas

In October a pair of Bald Eagles makes their winter home down the road, just east of Llano, Texas, along the Llano River. A parking area on Highway 29 makes it easy to observe the elegant creatures. My husband and I visit as often as we can during the winter months. On one of our visits, an eagle-watching enthusiast shared his spotting scope so that we could see up close as the female tore off bits of meat stored in the nest and fed it to the eaglets. The male, we guessed, had gone hunting for more food. As we stood watching, he soared back in and landed at the nest to check on his little family. Sometimes cars go by, and the occupants may have no idea what they’ve driven past. And sometimes they stop, get out, and can’t believe their eyes.

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