Brennan Crombie

GHS junior Brennan Crombie reveals what it’s like to be Georgie

What’s one unexpected skill you’ve learned as the Georgetown High School mascot, Georgie?

Pantomime. Since you can’t talk when you’re in the mascot suit, you have to know how to put together different routines and act everything out.

Come to think of it, I don’t think I have ever heard a mascot talk!

Normally, because you’re wearing the head, no one can hear you, unless they’re super close to you. See, when you’re a mascot, you’re taught to create an image. Once you step into the suit, you’re not you; you’re the character. So you have to create a separate identity for the character.

What were tryouts like?

At tryouts, you have to come up with your own skit, act out something, and then perform it in front of judges. You have to be really creative, because when you’re a mascot, you’re expected to come up with different skits for different events—sometimes in less than 24 hours.

What kinds of skills are required of a mascot?

You have to be able to withstand very high temperatures, because it can be brutal when you’re in the costume on the field in August or September. It definitely helps to have a tolerance for sweating a lot. Also, you can’t be embarrassed to dance around and do silly stuff. At cheer camp, they taught us to interact with kids, and that’s a big part, too.

Georgie the mascot at a game

So mascots are required to attend cheer camps?

Yeah. There’s a separate clinic for the mascots. We have our own performances and a separate instructor who was a mascot in college.

Do you have to be a cheerleader before you become a mascot?

No. You do go to the same events as the cheerleaders do, and you have to be just as energetic, but you don’t necessarily have to be a cheerleader first.

Where all do you perform?

Mostly at different school events like pep rallies and football games; we did a STAAR pep rally for the STAAR test at an elementary school, and we went to a celebration for the bus drivers.

What’s your favorite part of the job?

When someone tells you that you made their little sibling smile or that you were their favorite part of the game—that’s pretty cool. Georgie is a huge icon in Georgetown tradition, and it’s awesome to be able to help share his positive impact with the community.

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