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Create a vision board that inspires

Vision boarding.

It began as a whisper—a crafty pastime shared among scrapbook lovers, never something I’d find time to pursue. Gradually, though—and, I suspect, tied to the rising popularity of Pinterest—vision boarding has shifted from “woo-woo” status to acknowledgement as a proven goal-setting method.

In the last year alone, I’ve encountered friends, mentors, and established professionals clipping out inspirational messages, art, and magazine clippings, and gluing them onto a poster board they’d study each day.

“When you wake up every morning and see that visual representation of your goals, it makes you more likely to follow through,” a successful real estate agent once told me. He and his team make vision boards each year as pathways to their personal and professional success.

And so, after a close friend invited me to a vision board-making get-together in early 2013, I attended, armed with scissors, a stack of magazines, and a jar of saved fortunes I’d rescued from cookies.

Make no mistake: Creating a vision board is a time-consuming task. We each took several hours to sort through old magazines, finding symbolic images and meaningful messages; painstakingly clipping them out; arranging them onto our boards; and then gluing them in place.

After a while, however, the tasks became relaxing, almost therapeutic.

Flip, flip, flip. Snip, snip, snip. Rub, rub, rub. Pat, pat, pat.

My first find was a picture in a fitness magazine of a woman kickboxing; I wanted to be physically stronger, more agile and more confident.

Then, I found an image of a full school bus. “I may not be ready to have children yet,” I thought to myself, “but perhaps this year I can apply to mentor one.”

Finally, I glued to my board a picture of a man with a microphone, telling myself that 2013 would be the year I’d begin to conquer my fear of public speaking.

One by one, I saw my visions for the year take root and become reality. That year I took two self-defense courses, began mentoring a second-grade girl through the Seedling Foundation’s mentorship program, and joined a Toastmasters International club to learn how to give prepared and impromptu speeches with confidence.

Because I took the time to create a vision board and look at it daily, 2013 became a year of tremendous personal growth for me. And, not surprisingly, since I added new goals and a new vision board to the mix in 2014, this year has been even better. I’m excited to see what will manifest in 2015.

Rachel’s Challenge

Gather your magazines, favorite quotes, a glue stick, and poster board, and create your very own vision board for 2015.

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