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Couple brings lacrosse to Georgetown

Every so often, Georgetown High School assistant principal Terri Conrad thinks back to a serendipitous exchange she had in 2008 with a curious student in the high school physics class she taught.

Terri could easily have brushed aside the content, dismissing it as pleasantries to pass the day. But because both Terri and her former student are much too driven to stand down when standing up can cause positive change, their casual discussion became the origin of Georgetown’s lacrosse programs.

The conversation went something like this:

Student: “Ms. Conrad, did you play any sports when you were in high school?”

Terri: “As a matter of fact, I did. I was on both the basketball and the lacrosse teams.”

Student: “Lacrosse! That’s awesome! I wish they had that here. Will you teach us how to play?”

Terri: “Sure, if enough people are interested, and if we get the proper consent.”

Girls playing lacrosse

The exchange could have ended there, but the next day, Terri’s student returned with a petition expressing her desire to learn to play lacrosse. Twenty-nine other girls signed as well.

That first season, 2008–2009, Terri coached the girls at the junior varsity level, spearheading fundraising events to help pay for the team’s equipment, league costs, and field access.

“For the longest time, we actually didn’t even have any lacrosse goals,” she recalls. “We’d put a bed sheet on the soccer goal and shoot on that because we didn’t have any equipment.”

Despite the setbacks, the girls were excited about playing the game, and it wasn’t long before the boys began asking for their own lacrosse program.

“At that point, I was already teaching physics at GHS and coaching the girls’ lacrosse team,” says Terri. “There was no way I could coach both.”

So Terri turned to the one person she knew who could launch a boys’ lacrosse program—her husband, Scott, who had also played the sport in high school.

“In the beginning, I had to twist his arm a little bit to come out and coach,” admits Terri, “but now there’s absolutely no way he would stop coaching.”

There was no petition-signing on the boys’ side; but in true Bad News Bears fashion, Scott took to the field to coach, and six enthusiastic athletes arrived, eager to learn.

And then, something amazing happened: The next day seventeen players showed up, and by the third day of practice, Scott was surrounded by thirty-three kids ready to learn to play lacrosse.

That season, which spanned the 2009–2010 school year, marked the first year both the girls’ and boys’ teams played at varsity level. It also witnessed another achievement: That year, the girls’ team placed second in their district, which qualified them to play in the state tournament.

GHS playing the Jaguars in lacrosse

Today, Georgetown High School and East View High School have combined to form boys’ and girls’ high school teams. The middle school boys and girls have their own after-school teams, and teams for elementary school boys welcome players as young as first grade. Additionally, there are plans to start an elementary girls’ team as funds and enthusiasm grow.

“The district has been wonderful about helping us build this program and getting kids involved,” says Terri, adding that while lacrosse is not yet UIL-sanctioned in Texas, both GHS and East View allow students to letter in the sport and to participate in the after-school program for PE course credit.

“When you think about it, it’s a bizarre thing to be catching and passing with a little stick with a basket on the end,” says Terri. “But Georgetown’s positive response to the programs has been overwhelming.”

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