Carmen and Millie

Boys and Girls Club gives young leader wings

The Georgetown Boys and Girls Club awarded fifteen-year-old Carmen Wain the Youth of the Year award in 2013. Carmen, a high school freshman, frequents the Boys and Girls Club after-school program. During her time there, she has grown as a leader and found a second home.

Why did you join the Boys and Girls after-school club?

I was hanging out at home before coming here because my mom, Holly, and her partner, JoDee, both work. They’re the ones who raise me. Last school year, my brother and sister came [to Boys and Girls Club], but I didn’t want to because I thought I was too old. But it was really different than I thought it would be. I like being with little kids and helping them, I get my homework done here, and I like the staff.

Tell me about the volunteers and staff.

Millie is probably my favorite staff member. If we have a concert or anything, Millie makes sure that she experiences it to support us. I really like that about her—that she will make time for everybody. She’s been to almost every choir concert I’ve had.

Carmen and her Youth of the Year award

Why were you chosen as youth of the year?

Probably because I am the president of our leadership club. It’s called the Torch Club. We do community service projects. We’ve gone to the Wesleyan nursing home to play board games and interact with the elderly people. We’ve also had a couple of bake sales.

What have you learned by leading the Torch Club?

I’ve learned that it takes effort to achieve great things because you won’t get anywhere without trying. Our bake sale last year, at first, didn’t go so well. But then we worked hard to advertise. We had bright colored signs, and everybody made more stuff.

Did you sell more?

Yes! With the money we raised, we got to go to Mel’s Lone Star Lanes bowling alley, and all the kids got to have fun. They learned that if you work hard, it pays off.

Carmen working with the kids at the Boys and Girls Club

What do you like best about the Boys and Girls Club?

There are lots of good things! It’s probably how everyone comes together as a family. I’ve had a lot going on at home in my life, and when I come here, it’s a safe place where I don’t have to worry about things. Everyone is just together. Whatever the kids need, it just fills that.

The Boys and Girls Club runs after-school and summer camp programs at two locations in Georgetown, Stonehaven and Park Lane. Its mission: “To inspire and enable all young people, especially those who need us the most, to realize their full potential as productive, responsible, and caring citizens.” The Club’s programs serve children from age six to eighteen and focus on supporting healthy lifestyles, academic success, and good character and citizenship. For more information or to volunteer, visit

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