Anji Fussell-MaCuk holds binoculars

Private eye helps rescue missing girl

Panicked, the father on the phone entreated private eye Anji Fussell-MaCuk for help. His young daughter was missing.

Anji, owner of She Spies Private Eye, Inc., a local private investigations business specializing in domestic cases, rushed to the house. Concerned but clear-minded, she assessed the home.

“Is your daughter’s computer here?” she asked.

“Well . . . yes,” the parents said.

“I need that computer,” she said. “Don’t touch anything on it.”

Together, she and a computer forensics investigator searched the girl’s computer. Soon, they found communications between the girl and an older man she had met online.

“The man had told the young girl that he wanted to take care of her,” Anji says. “In cases like these, older men often negatively influence younger girls to run away by telling them they will give them anything they want if they come with them. Maybe a parent won’t get their twelve-year-old the latest iPhone, for example. Well, the predator will say, ‘I would get that for you!’”

Adrenaline ran through Anji’s body as she realized the runaway girl’s likely situation. Finally, they found a message from the man telling the girl he wanted to meet, providing a time and place.

They presented the computer and evidence to the police, who used the information to locate and arrest the man. Police also found the missing girl and tried to restore her to her family, but she didn’t want to go home.

“She believed that the man would truly care for her,” Anji says. “That wasn’t it at all. He was a predator. She didn’t realize that what we were doing was in her best interest.”

Anji, worried that the girl might run away again, helped the clients find a restoration program that could provide their daughter counseling and safety. Anji transported the child to the location herself.

Anji used to work as a juvenile probation officer. In that position, she developed a passion for protecting at-risk children and youth, ensuring that justice is done, and setting them up in safe, healthy homes. After seven years as a JPO, she conducted background investigation for the Austin Police Department.

In 2003 she merged her passion for domestic cases with her love of investigation by becoming a private investigator and opening She Spies Private Eye, Inc. Soon, she will open Next Step Youth Transport Services, LLC.

Anji's spy tools of the trade - A pen that doubles as a USB, camera, and recorder;  a button camera that can inconspicuously be attached to a shirt to record both video and audio; and a car key fob, which also secretly records both audio and video

Anji’s spy tools of the trade - A pen that doubles as a USB, camera, and recorder;  a button camera that can inconspicuously be attached to a shirt to record both video and audio; and a car key fob, which also secretly records both audio and video

Supported by heart-felt determination and seventeen years of experience, Anji has had great success as a private investigator. She operates offices in Round Rock, Austin, and Dallas and creatively leads an experienced team of licensed investigators to fight for justice for their clients.

“Even though I’m very busy in and outside of work, I always take the time to make each client feel like they are the most important person and that their situation is a priority,”Anji says.

As she transported the runaway girl, Anji offered what she calls “off-the-record counseling.” By asking questions and listening, she builds trust with youth.

“This is an important first step toward their recovery,” she says. “Often, by the time we get them to a program, they are hugging me and don’t want to leave. I always give them my phone number and tell them to call me if they need anything or want to talk again. Some of them have called me years afterward to let me know how they’ve progressed. That’s the part of my job that I love.”

Today, the girl is safe, thanks to the careful, focused determination and compassion of Anji and her She Spies Private Eye team.

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