A sneak peek at stunning holiday gifts from Quenan’s Jewelers

Bill Quenan watched from his bunk as his fellow soldier repaired a watch for one of the men in their unit. It was the end of World War II, and Bill was stationed in Monroe, Louisiana, for navigation school training. Curious, Bill began talking to the jewelry repairman about his work; he had no idea that moment would mark his introduction into the jewelry industry and forever change his family’s legacy.

Since 1947, Quenan’s Jewelers has worked to fulfill a commitment to irreproachable craftsmanship, elegance, and design. Now owned by Bill’s son, Steve, and his wife, Kyra, Quenan’s Jewelers remains a family business, intent on providing our community with personally selected, nationally recognized lines of jewelry, watches, and gifts.

Steve and Kyra moved the shop from Bastrop, Louisiana, to bring nationally acclaimed names to Georgetown. Look carefully, and you’ll see many of the designers featured in fashion and bridal magazines or on the runway during New York Fashion Week.

A string of pearls or a pair of diamond studs is a great way to start a jewelry wardrobe. Steve says, “Pearls are always a classic. They’ve been around forever, and they’ll continue to hold their value. You can wear them dressed up or down. They’re good everyday pieces.”

When it comes to ring shopping, Steve believes that “it’s really important for both people to get involved. The best thing for [couples] to do is come in and pick out some things together to get a good idea of what each likes.”

For the first time in its history, Quenan’s has started carrying engagement rings of rose gold, a metal more widely popular in the 1940s. Also newly popular are engagement rings with yellow diamonds or sapphires as accent stones or even as the main stone.

Quenan’s latest technology includes a laser welder, a tool that generates almost no heat, allowing the jeweler to leave stones safely in their settings while making repairs.

For custom designs, Quenan’s uses CAD/CAM to create new heirlooms like this emerald necklace. Quenan’s meticulous specialists work with customers who come in with a design in mind or who have stones that they would like to incorporate into a new piece.

The old wisdom that advises against mixing metals is a fashion rule to break. “It’s unusual not to mix metals,” Steve explains.

Stop by during Quenan’s extended holiday hours to discover their latest line, “Rhythm of Love”—jewelry made to shimmer in perpetual motion, powered by the wearer’s heartbeat. Also, don’t hesitate to ask Steve and his team of talented specialists about their new line of men’s Luminox watches. These Swiss-made athletic timepieces were initially used by Navy SEALS.

700 S. Austin Ave. Georgetown
512 869 7659

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