A Thanksgiving tradition

With Thanksgiving around the corner, it’s time to start planning your family feast, that stomach-stretching event in which everyone gathers around the table to give thanks for the blessings in life. Sometimes, the table groans with the weight of family favorites, perhaps Grandmother’s gravy or the family’s secret stuffing recipe. This beloved meal doesn’t have to be heavy, however. Consider healthy alternatives, such as sweet potatoes rather than russets. Serve a winter squash soup, or sub in hearty greens for green bean casserole.

Let’s start with the turkey. When deciding on its size, allow one or two pounds per person. The best-tasting turkeys are those that have been fed an organic diet and, even better, have been sustainably raised. Choose a young, plump bird that has no added injections or solutions and, preferably, no antibiotics ever.

Trussing a turkey:

  1. Cut a four-foot piece of twine. Place the turkey breast side up.
  2. Center the twine underneath the back of the turkey, with the neck flap covering the neck opening.
  3. Pull the string over the breast and tighten to bring the wings into the body.
  4. Cross the ends and form a knot.
  5. Bring the twine down towards the legs. Cross the legs; then loop cooking twine over, around and back under the crossed legs several times. Tie securely.
  6. Trim any excess twine.



Brined Turkey

Sweet Potato Gratin

Hearty Greens with Garlic

Winter Squash and Apple Soup

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