Dance Moves Are Hot at n’Caliente


Fitness classWho remembers The Fly Girls from the 1990s sketch comedy television show In Living Color? They were dancers who wore high boots, big belts, colorful gloves, and glittery blouses and performed choreographed hip hop routines to a DJ’s jams. Those ladies had mastered the tough street dance, and many a teenager wanted to be them. My opportunity to be a Fly Girl while balancing maternal duties came along twenty-one years later at a Round Rock dance studio.

My transformation to hip hop dancer started on an recent Tuesday night at n’Caliente Fitness Studio. While women of varying ages milled around the hardwood floors, dressed in ripped neon blouses and traditional yoga wear, I chose a back row spot. I’m not a dancer, and I barely know the difference between the grapevine and the lock step. But on my journey to make motherhood more fun, I’m compelled to try new experiences.

As soon as instructor and co-owner Jabari Warfield stepped on the stage and blared a Salt-N-Pepa music mix, I became an instant Fly Girl. Jabari is a towering man with a booming voice and persuasive smile. For forty-five minutes, his positive attitude erased the world outside the studio’s doors and taught me what dance can offer people. I watched high school girls, middle-aged mothers, and grandmothers let go of worries about perfection. These women were simply there for the joy.

That night, we learned a complex dance routine, and our confidence skyrocketed. “Most people think they have to make time to work out, so most workouts can feel like an obligation,” says Jabari. “Dancing is such a fun way to express yourself and get exercise. Our students can be themselves, and they don’t have to measure up to anyone else’s fitness level or expectations.”

I expected a refresher on dance moves from the 1980s, such as the Running Man, the Dougie, and the Smurf. Instead, Jabari modernized those dance moves and others by blending them with body rolls and smooth glide maneuvers. He encouraged us to add attitude, which is never a problem for me. After a few trial runs, our small group was bumping and grinding out the routine like pros, following our own beat.

“At n’Caliente, our goal is to get people out of their comfort zones,” says Jabari. For a few hours a week, I definitely left the mama zone and traveled into the Fly Girl zone.

n’Caliente Fitness Studio
2111 Sam Bass Road, Suite 100A
Round Rock, Texas 78681

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