It’s not just about teeth


Have you ever left the dentist office and thought, “Wow! That was great. What a pleasant experience!”?

No? Stop laughing. It could happen.

RR Dentistry wants to change your perception of dentists. Sure, no one gets excited about a trip to the dentist office, but the team at RR Dentistry aims to give patients the most positive, pleasant experience possible. “Comfort” is an office by-word. “I don’t want people thinking they’re at the dental office when they’re at the dental office,” says Dr. Ryan Roberson.

Dr. Bart Smith and his wife, Rachel, designed the layout of the office to be more like the design of a home. The reception area feels like a cozy living room, complete with a fireplace. Receptionists aren’t barricaded behind sterile glass doors, and their sunny smiles greet each patient who steps across the threshold.

“Smiles are infectious,” Dr. Roberson says. “Our team is great at smiling, and when patients walk through this door, if they see that we’re having fun and wearing smiles, I think that speaks volumes.”

Every day Dr. Roberson, Dr. Roach, Dr. Smith, and the rest of the RR Dentistry team have an early morning “huddle.” They arrive at work thirty minutes early, prepared to talk about the day. “It creates unity with our team,” Dr. Roberson explains, “and it delivers on an experience for our patients that I think reflects who we are as individuals and who we want to be.”

Dr. Smith’s motto has always been “treat the patient like family.” All three dentists are family men, and Dr. Smith’s philosophy is one Drs. Roach and Roberson fully support. To these dentists, treating the patient like family means building a relationship through communication and respect. Before new patients recline in the dental chair, they have an interview with one of the dentists. “We talk to them about their teeth, what they’re there for,” says Dr. Roach. “We’re trying to piece together the person we’re working with. We want to build up a foundation with our clients, not [build up] the costs.”

Dr. Roberson wants it understood that each patient is not a number. “Even though there are three dentists in this office, I don’t want to be grouped into the same category as a corporately-owned dental practice,” he says. “I see one person at a time. I don’t have three chairs running all at once to make a bunch of money. That’s how we’re centered; that’s how we stay on time.”

RR Dentistry respectfully strives to honor a patient’s time. “It is a huge pet peeve of mine when I go to other doctors’ offices for appointments and I have to rearrange my schedule, which rearranges the schedules of people who are dependent on me,” Dr. Roberson states. “I want to respect people’s time, and I really think that’s what sets us apart from other places.”

At RR Dentistry a communication system is in place from the minute a patient walks in the door. The front desk immediately lets the assistants and hygienists know of a patient’s arrival, and wait time is minimal. Exceptions and emergencies do occasionally occur, Dr. Roberson knows, but “the majority of the time, our patients get individualized attention.”

“We’re not a cookie cutter dentist’s office,” Dr. Roach agrees. “Whatever your [dental] expectations are, RR Dentistry will be different unless you’ve already been in a practice where the team valued the relationship and spent time getting to know you. That’s what we want people’s expectations to be coming into this practice. That’s the fresh approach we’re trying to take and deliver on consistently.”

RR Dentistry
3006 Dawn Drive
Georgetown, TX

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