Perfect makeup for that special day


The wedding announcements have gone out, the flowers have been ordered, the dress is perfect. Everything seems to be ready. What’s left to do?

Makeup! It’s not always on a bride’s to-do list, but it should be. Local esthetician Marlene Graham recommends that brides visit an esthetician for an initial consultation at least six weeks prior to the wedding. “During the consult, I can get an idea of what the bride has in mind for her special day. At this point, I would also schedule an appointment for the bride to come in for a facial to address any complexion concerns,” Marlene says. “This gives us time to clear up any skin problems and to start a regular skin care regimen to get the bride’s skin prepared for flawless makeup application.”

Having worked for a makeup studio for quite some time, Marlene knows that many women come in wanting to learn basic techniques for makeup application. But it’s often necessary to take a step back and look at their skin care because “it’s difficult to get makeup to look good on problem skin.”

Marlene’s advice and expertise also benefit teenage girls during prom season. Marlene really loves her teen clients. “They are so cute! They have tons of questions and really adhere to the advice I give them about makeup.”

Marlene has a lot of laughs with her teen clients as they try to coordinate makeup colors with prom dress colors. Still, she says, “Being an esthetician to brides gives me a lot of personal satisfaction. My role in the whole event is to lessen the stress on the bride by making sure she has flawless-looking skin. All attention will be on the bride. Everyone will be looking at her, every detail. My goal is to ensure that the bride can be confident about her appearance.”

When the special day arrives, Marlene will meet the bride on location for makeup application. “All my attention is on her,” Marlene says. Even after the makeup is complete. “I need to be available for the bride. I typically have to do touch-ups due to emotional tears,” Marlene says. She admits that she sheds a few tears with the bride, too: “I always cry at weddings.”

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