Graphic artist Nick Ramos created many of Georgetown’s logos


You may not recognize his face, but you most likely recognize his work. Graphic artist and illustrator Nick Ramos has created some of Georgetown’s most memorable logos. You might be wearing a sweatshirt or drinking out of a coffee mug decorated with one of his designs right now.

Nick owns Graphismo, an award-winning graphic design and illustration studio. Once upon a time, an advertising team or agency, not a stand-alone business, would have provided the services that Graphismo offers. Today, many people are unfamiliar with a graphic design company’s services.

What can a graphic designer do for a person or a business?

Years ago people thought all you really needed to start a business was a logo letterhead and some business cards, but today it takes so much more. You also need a web site, a web presence. Graphismo creates an identity.

How do you create an “identity?”

It all starts with meeting the clients and talking about their needs and expectations. I need to know clients’ goals. I need to know about their audience, their competition. This is why dialogue is so important. It’s about making sure that what the client wants is going to come across.

What’s your work process like?

After the initial communication, there’s research. This might involve searching the Internet, taking a trip to the mall or the library, or reading a book about a specific topic. It’s really important to have a foundation and knowledge to back up your designs.

After research, I develop three to five concepts to present to the client. At this point, it’s more important to focus on the concept and the idea instead of the actual appearance. I present only black and white concepts because people can have very strong reactions to color. For example, if they don’t like purple, they might automatically be turned off. Working in black and white allows them to focus on the idea.

The presentation is followed by a discussion. We take the client’s feedback, select a direction and a couple of the concepts, and work on refining them.

And after you’ve narrowed down to one idea?

More discussion and refinement follow. Afterwards, we incorporate color and design stationery and other applications.

This process can take several weeks, if not months. Working with a graphic designer is not a one- or two-day stint. It’s a long-term relationship.

For more information, contact Nick at 512-686-1495 or visit Graphismo on Facebook or on the web at

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