City offers much to tennis fans


Tennis loveGuess how many tennis courts there are in Georgetown. Go on. Twenty-five? Fifty? How about ninety-three! Were you close? And plans to build more courts at the new Gateway College Prep campus are underway. An open court is waiting for you somewhere in Georgetown.

Care to watch some great local tennis? The Eagles varsity team finished second at the fall regionals with new coach Daniel Marshall. Their spring season starts with the Georgetown ISD Varsity Tournament on January 25th. The junior varsity team will host a tournament on February 7th, and the freshman team will have their home tournament on February 5th. Our Southwestern Pirates start out their spring season at home on the Marvin D. Henderson, Sr., Tennis Courts against East Texas Baptist on February 22nd at 3:00 p.m. Local standout and Nelson Scholarship winner Marieke Visser is on their women’s roster.

Tournaments abound in the New Year here in Georgetown. Berry Creek is hosting their Winter Open starting February 8th, and their Future Stars Junior Tournament will be February 23rd for novice and Quick Start players. The Georgetown Tennis Center is a having a 10 and Under Tournament on February 9th. Their annual Junior Freeze Champ/Super-Champ Tournament is February 22–24. Cimarron Hills will be hosting their CATA Gran Prix Junior Open starting March 22nd.

Perhaps you’d like to get in the swing after a few lessons. The Parks Department offers both group and private lessons at the Georgetown Tennis Center on Serenada Drive. Berry Creek Racquet Club offers weekly lessons for adults and juniors, and Cimarron Hills offers classes and leagues for all ages. Former Davis cup competitor Alberto Goenaga offers lessons at the Georgetown Country Club. Sun City has a very active tennis club on their twelve outdoor courts. The Nelson Tennis Foundation puts on a free kids clinic in the spring—be sure to check out their website for information about this upcoming event.

Whether you want to get on the court or cheer other players on, the tennis scene in Georgetown is a grand slam!

You can find a number of courts at various locations in Georgetown:
Benold Middle School (8)
Forbes Middle School (6)
Tippit Middle School (8)
Georgetown High School (10)
East View High School (10)
VFW Park (1)
Georgetown Tennis Center (11)
McMaster Park (1)
Southwestern University (9)
Sun City (12)
Berry Creek Racquet Club (10)
Georgetown Country Club (2)
Cimmaron Hills (5)

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