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Jeanne Laswell, sixty-nine, stopped working four years ago to care for her mother, who could no longer remain independent. She saw her mother’s assets dwindle to pay for her care, which made Jeanne consider her own future.

“I met Lynne Moore, who advised me and repositioned my assets,” she says. “Now I’m good and will be at eighty years old and even at ninety if I need long-term care. I’m happier than ever.”

Moore is a financial consultant with Edward Jones, a company that’s been making sense of investing since 1922, when it was founded with the goal giving families investment advice.

The company focuses all resources on individual clients, going beyond stocks and bonds to consider the whole picture of 401k accounts, life insurance, and retirement situations. Initial consultation sessions and retirement and savings reports are free and available to everyone.

“We don’t have a minimum account balance requirement,” Lynne adds. The fees vary for each customer, depending on the investment plans chosen. Some clients are looking to invest twenty-five dollars a month, while others have multimillion-dollar accounts. Lynne says the most successful clients focus on the long term rather than on turning a quick profit from a large lump sum.

Currently she has about 200 families and small businesses on her books. About sixty percent of customers are in their fifties and retired, while about forty percent are businesses owners and employees.

“I look at where you are today and how to get you to where you want to be in retirement,” Lynne says. She customizes plans for each client and focuses on consistent and predictable investment returns for good and bad markets.

“We don’t just follow trends but instead look at proven historical performances,” Lynne explains. Types of investments can include master limited partnerships (MLPs), real estate investments, unit investment trusts, and even precious metals.

Monthly predictability is very important for customers, especially retirees, and Edward Jones software tracks investments and warns of potential dips below required income levels. This also benefits individuals who don’t have consistent incomes, she says, such as mortgage brokers, real estate agents, new business owners, and anyone who works on a consulting basis or from job to job.

Underpinning all consultations is a focus on education, she says. “Clients may not understand every investment, but it’s important they understand the goal and why they are in it.”

Lynne works with young adults—sometimes as a volunteer—advising them how to pay off debt or helping them start early on retirement investment funds. “If you are in your thirties and starting a family, you know you should do something for retirement, but often you don’t know where to start.” Lynne also helps clients with funding children’s college educations.

Due to recent economic difficulties, Lynne says, it’s important that people develop or review investment plans with an adviser. Ultimately, though, they should do so regardless of how markets perform.

Lynne stresses, “It’s important to have a pulse on your money and your plan.”

Lynne Moore
Edward Jones Investments
1015 W. University Avenue
Georgetown, Texas 78628

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