Esthetician Marlene Graham’s a pro at pampering


Esthetician Marlene Graham knows her location is off the beaten path, but the tree-lined drive to her home business only adds to the charm and relaxation of her clients’ experience. Marlene wants her clients’ time to be all about them. “It’s nice to get a facial and decompress, get a facial massage, an arm massage, and not have to think about soccer practice and homework and whatever you’re making for dinner!”

Having always been interested in health, fitness, and nutrition, Marlene feels that skincare is a natural extension of these concerns. “How to take care of skin and how to maintain its youthfulness, that’s what everyone’s after,” Marlene says with a laugh. “And that just kind of rolled over into makeup and the esthetics.”

Marlene’s services also include spray tans, eyelash extensions, makeup application, chemical peels, and a body wrap that she describes as “awesome.” But facials are Marlene’s favorite service. “I’ve been told I have a ‘soft’ or a ‘healing’ touch,” she says. Marlene applies that same gentle touch in the face, hand, and arm massages that are standard with her facials.

Currently, Marlene is trying to private label her own makeup product line and is working with a few different labs in the state. “They’re sending me a bunch of samples, and I’m experimenting on myself,” she reports. Having worked for a cosmetics studio, Marlene has had the opportunity to try many different products. “I know what works, and I know what customers are after. I know the products they are going to come back and spend money on.”

Marlene doesn’t believe beauty should be expensive. “I don’t think you should have to spend a hundred dollars on something to remove your wrinkles when there are more affordable options out there that deliver the same results.”

Affordability is one of Marlene’s primary concerns. When she decided to branch out on her own, she knew that working from home could be a struggle, but she acknowledges the good and bad sides. “Obviously, the benefit of working outside your home is you have greater visibility to potential clients, but if you’re at home, you don’t have the overhead.”

And that cuts down on costs, she notes. “I don’t think a visit to an esthetician should be a luxury service that only people with disposable money can pay for. I want to make my services available to everybody.”

Marlene knows she has plenty of competition. “I try to provide the little extras that set me apart from all the other estheticians.” She adds confidently, “And I know my work is good.”

For more information, visit Marlene’s Facebook page, or call at 512-709-4754.

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