Dream Smiles doctor on the work he loves


To say that Dr. Dustin Dinh of Dream Smiles Dental is a modern-day renaissance man is a bit of an understatement. His hobbies are many and varying, from cooking and gardening to ballroom dancing and snowboarding. Dr. Dinh’s professional life isn’t very different. He’s a young man already on his second career.

Prior to studying dentistry, Dr. Dinh earned bachelor of science degrees in chemistry, biology, and zoology from the University of Texas. Upon graduation, he accepted a position as a quality assurance chemist in Memphis, Tennessee. “I worked there for two years and was in the process of earning my MBA,” he says, but his MBA went on hold when he was accepted into dental school.

“Learning is my outlet,” he explains. “It helps me relax and grow.”

After graduating from the University of Memphis dental program, Dr. Dinh was one of two graduate students accepted into the Veteran’s Administration General Residency Program at the Veterans Hospital in Memphis. There, he put all his classwork into practice. “They say one year of residency [in the V.A. program] equals five years of experience,” Dr. Dinh says. “When I came out of the program, I had been exposed to more situations that prepared me to handle more challenging cases.”

The Veterans Hospital offered a comprehensive general dentistry program. Dr. Dinh’s patients were veterans with dental needs that ranged from dental implants, endodontics, partials, and complete dentures, to routine extractions, crowns, and fillings. “What was unique to the training was most of the patients were health compromised,” Dr. Dinh says. “We were required to have one month of training in an operating room, so we got to see a lot of the medical side that we were not exposed to in dental school. Additionally, treating health-compromised and geriatric patients gave me the extra confidence to see a wider range of patients.”

Even as more medical and dental practices specialize in or cater to certain age brackets, Dream Smiles Dental specializes in care for all ages. Dr. Dinh’s practice is as comprehensive as his education and interests and serves both dental and orthodontic needs. Because Dream Smiles Dental offers the entire spectrum of dental procedures, which, Dr. Dinh reports, is both fun and challenging, he and his staff are constantly learning and training to improve their skills and employ the latest technologies on their patients’ behalf.

Dr. Dinh believes Dream Smiles Dental also stands out for the ambience and atmosphere that patients experience in his office. Dr. Dinh feels he is very approachable to his patients and commits to calling them after each visit. He also makes calls to welcome new patients. “It takes time,” he says, but it helps him better meet his patients’ needs. “If there is a complication or a concern, I know before the patient has to call me.”

Dream Smiles Dental is not only about patients. It’s about dreams. Most dental offices are generically named after the city, location, or dentist. While still in dental school, Dr. Dinh thought about how he would one day like to have his own practice and about what he would name it. “I truly believe if you can dream things, they will one day become a reality. If we stop dreaming, we will stop living. It is a dream for me to do what I really love and enjoy,” says Dr. Dinh. “I once heard that if your work blends seamlessly with your hobbies or activities, then life can be very fun and enjoyable. Thus, I think I have the knowledge and skill to help create ‘dream smiles’ for our patients.”

By Emily Treadway
Photos by Rudy Ximenez

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