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Ever dreamed of working from home? Kennisha Moffett, life coach and executive director of Artist’s Booth Productions, shares her journey to owning two home businesses.

Q: How did your dream of owning a home-based business begin?

After years of corporate work, I followed my husband into ministry work, planting churches in Europe for several years. Daily life was filled with culturally diverse people engaging one another in our home. For me, life coaching was a natural progression after years of ministry. The Artist’s Booth fulfills a family desire to celebrate big with others in our home. Running both businesses allows me to realize my dream while still being near my family.

Q: How is your business venture unique?

By day, I’m a life coach. When I’m not visiting with clients, I’m creating Artist’s Booth productions. The Artist’s Booth celebrates creativity by showcasing local artists of all kinds. I’ve been told that what I do is unique because in both ventures people leave better than they came. I love people, and that’s present in all I do. The Artist’s Booth is uniquely a family affair. Even my son and daughter are involved, assisting my husband and me in presenting a quality event.

Q: What process did you go through to see your vision realized?

Honestly, I prayed a lot. I began to define goals, evaluate financial requirements, and rework the budget. I networked and analyzed the market. In what way will my business benefit the community? I created marketing and business development plans. I worked with the city’s zoning department on event parking. Finally, I created check points that ensure I’m assessing progress. This step is vital!

Q: Why did you choose Georgetown, and how has Georgetown been the ideal place for your business?

My sister-in-law gave us a tour of Old Town. We fell in love with the people during downtown’s Christmas Stroll. It was intimate and lovely, as if we had just visited home. Georgetown has been a blessing to us personally and professionally. It’s filled with folks who enjoy people and who strive to communicate well.

Q: What advice do you have for others who may have the dream of owning a home-based business?

Know where you’re going! Take time to pray, think things through, and create a vision. Next, expect to make adjustments along the way. A growing business requires change to avoid stagnation and death. Finally, never quit! You may need to reinvent your business, but keep moving forward.

Q: What makes it all worth it?

I get cards from clients after each Artist’s Booth show, thanking me for blessing or restoring their family. Coaching is who I am, so even during event planning and execution, I make opportunities to encourage others. My coaching style emphasizes the transition required for family restoration. The Artist’s Booth events speak to the power of extended family being intimately engaged. Seeing families come back together makes it all worth it!

Home-Based Business Resources:

J. Richard Johnson
Certified Business Advisor
Texas State Small Business
Development Center
1555 University Blvd. #265
Round Rock, Tx 78665
Direct: 512-716-4825
Main: 512-610-0996 

Valerie Kreger, AICP
Principal Planner
Planning and Development
City of Georgetown, Texas
Zoning Regulations

Tom Walsh, SCORE

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