Mariposa Apartment Homes puts “community” in apartment living


Mariposa Apartment HomesCommunity. Integrity. Stewardship. The staff and residents of Mariposa Apartment Homes strive to uphold these three principles. And no one knows this better than Stuart Shaw, who has overseen Mariposa’s development from conception to completion.

To Stuart, president of Austin-based development firm Bonner Carrington, Mariposa Apartment Homes is not just another apartment complex. It’s a community. “Other developers will build [complexes] to sell,” says Stuart. “But we design, construct, develop, lease, manage, own, and maintain on a forever basis. . . . We build homes for people to live their lives.”

Take a tour of Mariposa, and you’ll notice how it was strategically engineered to create a sense of community. Stuart ticks off a few of Mariposa’s many amenities on his fingers: “Mariposa has a place for people to gather and drink coffee, hot chocolate, and tea; a card room for games like bunko and checkers; a twenty-seven-seat theatre with a 100-inch screen projector and a popcorn machine for movie nights; a much-used large activity room for year-round events such as our annual barbeque, Thanksgiving, and Christmas dinner parties that we host for residents; a fitness center with treadmills and bicycles; a library; a beauty parlor with low-cost beauty treatments,” and other similar services.

Stuart also points out that Mariposa was designed for aesthetic appeal. “When it comes down to it, it’s not so much about which rooms are included in the community,” he says, “but rather more about how they are built. You have to keep in mind that people have an emotional reaction to aesthetics. Strategic color schemes and decoration add to the welcoming sense of place.” He continues, “We even have a trained colorist on our team who has researched and studied this age demographic. Her work has resulted in the best interior and exterior color selections, décor, and blending of hues from room to room.”

Stuart, who has been in real estate for thirty years, purposely named the apartment homes Mariposa, the Spanish word for butterfly. It is a place designed to give residents a brand new life and a transition to a better lifestyle that is active, independent, and beautiful. “It’s affordable, craftsman-style apartment homes designed for active seniors age fifty-five and over,” Stuart explains. “These are people who don’t want or can’t afford to keep up a single family home, but who want to maintain a sense of community.”

Because many seniors want to avoid the isolation that often comes with living alone, Mariposa Apartment Homes works hard to encourage mingling, interaction, and companionship through its onsite CARES program, says Stuart. “The CARES program is executed by CARES Teams (a married couple, family, or two single adults) who are recruited, trained, and managed by a national faith based nonprofit called Apartment Life,” he explains. “These CARES Teams create daily opportunities to introduce, interact, and engage with residents through events and visits, which enhances residents’ living experience and increases satisfaction. Our CARES Teams are a large part of why our communities are a positive environment and why many people call Mariposa Apartment Home communities home.”

Mariposa Apartment Homes provides two to three activities per day, ranging from “Walk-n-Talks” and Bible studies to hosting entertainments such as local high school choirs, fencing groups, and inspirational speakers. “We’ve had potlucks, line dancing, dominoes, chair and water aerobics . . . and the bookmobile comes here,” says Marjorie Anderson, one of Mariposa Apartment Homes’ CARES team leaders and a three-year resident of Mariposa. “People here at Mariposa know each other by name. We’re not just neighbors. Here we develop meaningful, lasting relationships.” She adds with a chuckle, “If someone tells you there aren’t enough activities here, they aren’t looking!”

Mariposa Apartment Homes
121 River Bend Drive, Georgetown, Texas 78628

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