Evans, Ewan and Brady’s Green Initiative


In May, Georgetown’s Evans, Ewan and Brady celebrated their recognition as Central Insurance’s “greenest” agency with a ceremonial planting of two Bradford pear trees in front of their building. Central Insurance is one of several insurance carriers represented by Evans, Ewan and Brady.

“Our goal is to conserve our natural resources and make our planet a better place for everybody on it,” said Ken Ewan, current owner of Evans, Ewan and Brady. Out of more than 350 companies, “we were the most efficient insurance agency in the United States with Central Insurance, as far as the green initiative goes,” Ken said, “so I think we did a pretty good job.”

When the idea to go green came from headquarters at Central Insurance, Ken latched onto it with fervor. His company has now been participating in Central’s green initiative for over a year and a half. “We share with Central the desire to reduce paper and recycle. Along with the investment in technology, it all makes our world a little better, and over the long term it will save us all a good deal of money and time,” Ken said.

Two time- and environment-saving initiatives include e-billing—the paperless delivery of customers’ bills—and the ability for customers to pay their premiums via EFT, or Electronic Funds Transfer. “By using less paper and being more efficient for our customers and for ourselves, this green initiative that Central Insurance Company has initiated has fit us to a tee,” Ken said.

In addition to saving trees and lowering the amount of paper taken to the landfill, Evans, Ewan and Brady’s paperless system also benefits customers’ pocketbooks. Central rewards people who opt for a paperless system by reducing their premiums on car, auto, and home policies. “At least forty-four percent of our customer base is now e-something,” Ken said.

A primary reason for the paperless system’s success is that agents talk to each customer face to face, taking time to teach customers about possible policies. “We sit down with them for as long as it takes and answer all of their questions until they feel comfortable and knowledgeable about their policies,” Ken said. “Most people, if you walked up to them on the street and asked them, don’t know what their policies cover,” Ken said. “But we explain everything. We even have pictograms to help people understand what they’re signing up for.”

At the end of the session, Evans, Ewan and Brady agents suggest that customers choose the paperless method of billing and payment delivery. “It’s a win for the customer, it’s a win for our staff, and then it’s a win for our company, because they don’t have to fell that timber and make paper out of it. There’s a lot of paper in insurance.”

Ken also attributes the success of Project Green to the support of the green initiative from the Georgetown and Austin communities.

Since starting Project Green two years ago, Central has saved $507,327 in utility expenses by switching to CFL and LED light bulbs and reducing CO₂ emissions. Ohio’s Environmental Protection Agency estimated that the company’s reduced CO₂ emissions “would be equal to taking forty-seven cars off the road each year” and that Central has “conserved enough energy to power 146 houses.” The company’s combined efforts towards implementing green business practices have resulted in over $750,000 in savings per year, Ken said.

“Yes, we were ranked as Central’s greenest agency, but we really didn’t treat it like a contest,” said Ken. “It was just the right thing to do.”

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