Katelyn Rosebrock shares special bond with adopted pet


Last December, Katelyn Rosebrock’s family gathered around a brightly-lit Christmas tree in their living room to snap a photo with Lucy, the newest addition to their family. Adopted when she was just two days old, Lucy is quite a bit younger than the rest of her siblings, but that’s not the only thing that sets her apart. “We lucked out,” Katelyn gushes, “because she was born with perfect stripes, all black and white.” Lucy the zebra certainly isn’t a typical family pet.

A self-described city girl, Katelyn spent little time on her family’s ranch before she adopted Lucy. The family joke is that Lucy was the carrot they had to dangle in front of Katelyn to convince her to spend more time on the land. Today, Katelyn spends several nights a week at the ranch, catching up with family and caring for Lucy.

Lucy and Katelyn have a special bond. They’ve spent countless hours coming to know and trust each other. Like any infant, Lucy required very specific care when she first joined the family. Katelyn recalls, “During her first week, I had to bottle feed her every four hours.” Lucy took a bottle until she was about four months old; today, she chows down on exotic pellets but still enjoys the occasional bottle. Katelyn feels privileged to have raised Lucy from such a young age. She says, “Lucy always wants to stand right next to me. It’s cool—she knows exactly who I am.”

Katelyn is the first to describe Lucy as more donkey than zebra. She admits, “Lucy has a little bit of an attitude and can be very hard-headed, but usually she’s really sweet. My mom always tells me, ‘It looks like you’ve met your match!’” While Lucy still has a couple of years to go until she’s considered full grown, she will likely mature into a very tame zebra that is comfortable connecting with her humans and enjoying their attention.

Not to mention the attention of her adoring public: Lucy is no stranger to the camera! In the past year, she was featured on the cover of Bliss Bridal Magazine, and she has also modeled alongside Eden Wood of the TLC show Toddlers and Tiaras. Lucy is also a big fan of birthday and tea parties. Lucy has met people who’ve traveled from far-off locales such as Florida and even Australia and who have visited just to enjoy an afternoon of sugar cookies with her. Not only is Lucy photogenic, but she is also very well behaved. She’s even been invited inside a recording studio to costar with a well-known band in a music video.

It’s no surprise that ten-month-old Lucy has become a local celebrity in her small community near Georgetown. It often takes the Rosebrocks a couple of hours just to pull out of town with her. Katelyn says, “When Lucy gets excited, she shows her teeth. People think she’s going to bite them, but really, it’s just her way of saying ‘Hi!”

By Meredith Morrow

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