Author Trevor Eissler discusses his newest book  That 17th Hat


Local author Trevor Eissler has sold over 30,000 books worldwide and has spoken at 130 schools and conferences in thirty states and four countries over the past two years. That’s amazing! What’s even more amazing is that Trevor writes part-time. He’s a married father of three who works as a pilot.

“I’ve always enjoyed flying,” Trevor says, “but I knew that one day I’d like to write a book.”

So far he’s written four. Trevor points out that his aviation career actually facilitates his writing process. “One of the great things about my flying job is that I have the chance to spend an hour or two in a quiet hotel many nights. I would never have been able to write books at home with three young and energetic children running around! That hour or two of concentration is what I need to make steady progress on various writing projects.”

Inspiration for his books came as his children reached school age. “I had never had the slightest interest in children’s education prior to becoming a dad,” Trevor says, “but when we put our three young children in a Montessori school, our world changed.”

Almost on a whim, Trevor and his wife chose Montessori education for their children. Shortly thereafter, they began to realize what a profound effect the program had on their family life and the way they interacted with their children. “We also recognized that Montessori education could have a wonderful impact on our world, too. I decided I needed to do something to let others know about Montessori schools so that they could come see for themselves an effective, transforming, almost revolutionary alternative to conventional schools. . . . All of my books are based on Montessori principles of learning.”

That 17th Hat is Trevor’s second children’s picture book. The book tells about a family that indulges in a spur-of-the-moment excursion. During this adventure at a hat store, the children get “an intriguing taste of far-off lands” while trying on various hats. That 17th Hat is written and illustrated so as to spark questions from young readers and to lead to interesting conversations between parents and young listeners. “I wanted to write this book,” Trevor explains, “to honor how verbally adventurous children are. They love to hear words, to try words, to experiment with words.”

The illustrations by Dutch illustrator Marloes de Vries specifically avoid fantasy, talking animals, and other make-believe distractions. The story and illustrations are grounded in real-world events, places, possibilities, and opportunities, to respect children’s desire to learn about the interesting world around them.

Trevor says, “This book complements the numbers book, 4,962,571, that I published last fall, and the geography/cultural book, N is for North Korea, that will be published this summer.” He expects to write more books in the future. “Each one of my books has been so much fun to write. Why not keep going?”

Trevor’s books are for sale on his website and also at

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