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The care she provides derives from the Chinese theory of the meridians. Meridians are the paths through which the qi (pronounced “chee”) flows. All acupuncture points are located on the meridian lines. Fourteen major meridians—twelve regular meridians and two extra meridians—run through the body. They are all interconnected and related. “We look at the body as a whole,” Hedy explains, “not as segmented parts. We can treat the back of the body with the front [acupuncture] points along the meridian. We can treat the front with the back points. We can treat your arm with the points on your leg.”

Hedy understands why some people may find this theory hard to believe. Acupuncture points and meridians are both invisible to the eye and undetected by modern technology. Still, she claims, “From 5,000 years of history, it works.” And from Hedy’s own clinical experience, it works.

Everyone’s body responds differently to acupuncture. “Chinese medicine is about self-healing,” Hedy says. “I insert needles in the right points, and then I leave the room. Your body takes over the job, and then I come back later.” Some people will feel the difference immediately; other patients may not notice a difference until after the second or third visit. Hedy points out that a young person’s body bounces back more quickly than does the body of an older person who has experienced fifty years of back pain.

Hedy feels that patients should give their medical practitioner three visits before assessing the results. “You have to trust your healthcare providers and work with them. Some illnesses may be very complicated, so give your doctor at least three opportunities to make a difference.” Hedy is confident that her patients will see results by or before their third visit.

Hedy’s office is a one-stop shop for the body. Besides working with patients with pain syndromes, Hedy currently treats patients with a variety of symptoms such as scleroderma (hardening of the skin), sleep talking, insufficient breast milk, and shingles in the eye. The clinic also has excellent massage therapists for traditional massages and facialists who perform acupuncture facial services.

Hedy knows that these services are not what most people expect when they think about Chinese medicine. She wants to change perceptions. And to her doubters, she succinctly says, “If you’ve never tried it, you’ve never benefited from it.”

Chinese Acupuncture Clinic
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