Creating a business where everybody wins


Kim Becker learned early on to work through the pain. For serious runners, muscle fatigue, shin splints, and Achilles tendon pain are common. And sixteen years ago, an injury caused her to suffer debilitating pain. With five different diagnoses and no promise of a cure on the horizon, she discovered the healing power of massage therapy. Amazingly, it even allowed her to run for a few more years, and she still climbs and hikes on a regular basis.

Kim was sold on the healing benefits of massage therapy. She dreamed of becoming an LMT (licensed massage therapist) and opening her own massage therapy business. And that’s exactly what she did. Starting a new business is not for the faint of heart, and Kim had no idea what the outcome would be when she opened 49 Dollar Massage last January. Even though this wasn’t the first time Kim had persevered and succeeded in her life, she could not have known that her new business would perform over 600 massages in the first three months.

Kim has lived in Williamson County for the past six years, and she says she chose Georgetown because the location is wonderful: “I can see a need here, and I love to help people.” Now situated in 1,500 square feet and six therapy rooms, she has a staff of nine to assist in accommodating her dream.

Kim believes in doing business in an untraditional manner, to ensure that everybody wins. “I try to do something for everyone,” she says. “First, I keep the prices low for the customer.” This is rare in the business because massage chains usually charge a membership fee to keep prices low. Not only has Kim excluded the membership requirement, she also offers massages lasting fifteen, twenty, thirty, and forty-five minutes to accommodate the customer. And you won’t hear her or anyone on her staff trying to sell customers something that they don’t want or need. “Secondly, I treat my therapists right,” Kim says. She lets them set their own work hours, often surprises them with treats, and pays for an instructor from one of the nation’s best massage schools, TLC College of Austin, to provide education on a monthly basis. Finally, she believes in creating a volume business, to be fair to herself.

You might wonder how she can offer great prices and stay true to value. She says it’s because she has created a WIN–WIN situation. Her customers are happy, her staff is content, and she is living her dream. Customers can trust that they will receive quality service because her therapists are experts who keep abreast of current trends in the field. A few have even been asked to teach at TLC College in Austin.

Still not convinced? Kim and her crew will be at area health fairs, garden shows, and vendor fairs, giving free five-minute neck and shoulder chair massages. What are you waiting for? While Kim is realizing a dream of owning her practice, you can be realizing your dream of receiving a quality rejuvenating massage.

49 Dollar Massage, LLC
1530 Sun City Blvd., Suite 130
Georgetown, TX  78633

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