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If you’ve driven down Shell Road lately, you’ve likely seen the large black banner with the bright green treble clef sign swaying in the wind. It waves back and forth, as if to entice passers-by to pull over and see what lovely, musical path awaits inside. And that is exactly what many people have done since the sign was erected earlier this year.

Sharon James bought Georgetown Music Studio last December. With the purchase of the studio, she inherited a well-established business, seven teachers, six studio rooms, and nearly 100 students. “The facility is welcoming and the location is ideal,” Sharon says, “and there are even a number of family activities nearby.”

Sharon has a deep-seated, family-endowed passion for music. She is a classically-trained violinist, 12-string guitarist, singer, and composer, and she is currently a member of the Williamson County Orchestra. Additionally, Sharon has actively participated in the running of a business for many years. Born in Belton, Sharon spent the last thirty-three years in Houston before making the decision to move to Georgetown last September. Her grown children moved to the Austin area a few years ago, and she was drawn to Williamson County to be close to her baby grandson. She feels as if she has “returned to her roots.”

“I have a desire to see more of the classical side come out,” Sharon says. Georgetown Music Studio teachers are experienced in training both the hobbyist and classical musician, and enjoy each avenue. A former member of the Kingwood Pops Orchestra in the Houston area, Sharon has experienced all types of music and gets excited about passing that passion on to others.  Besides their obvious zeal for music, most of the instructors are degreed music teachers with extensive technical abilities to accommodate any music student, regardless of age or level. The studio offers private lessons in everything from piano to violin, including voice, drums, guitar, trumpet, saxophone, accordion and more.

With numerous activities vying for students’ time, scheduling can sometimes be a challenge. Add to that illnesses, vacation, and make-up lessons, and you would think the job would be overwhelming. But Becky, Sharon’s daughter, handles the calendar like a pro and maintains a positive spin as she gives each family the customer service they deserve. Ron, Sharon’s husband, stays busy with payroll, facility maintenance, and assisting the front desk. “We want everyone to know that Georgetown Music Studio is a fun place to be,” Sharon says. “We’re family-run, very much into the community, and we like what we do.”

What does Sharon foresee in the future? “I would love to expand and grow,” Sharon says, “to the point where we have a great mix; a symphonic blend of experience, ability and greatness. We want to encourage students who look forward to turning their passion into beautiful music.” Next time you sing to yourself in the car as you’re going from one place to another, pull over when you see the green treble clef and let Georgetown Music Studio grow a song in your heart.

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