Five young men soar to Scouting’s heights 


In fall 2001, a group of wiggly boys and their patient adult leaders—their parents—formed Den 6 of Cub Scout Pack 405. Each Cub Scout pack and Boy Scout troop is chartered by a community group, often a church or service organization. Pack 405, chartered by Crestview Baptist Church, is a well-established organization known for keeping boys engaged as they ascend the ranks of Scouting.

Led by Zane Barnes, the boys named themselves “the Flying Eagles” and began their Scouting careers. Under Zane’s guidance and with the help and encouragement of their parents, the inspiration of older Scouts, and the support of troop leadership, these boys embarked on a journey of personal growth, collective adventure, and undeniable accomplishment. Through the years, more boys joined the group, while others moved away or dropped out. For some, Scouting remained a constant even as they changed schools and developed other interests. Bound by common experiences and goals and by Zane’s never-ending commitment to their progress, this core group continued to meet, master new skills, and fulfill requirements, advancing to ever-higher ranks.

Today, these boys are high school seniors, preparing for the next stage of their lives. Five of the nine boys who began as Cubs have now reached a milestone that will forever remind them of what they can accomplish, given time, diligence, and support. After years of attending weekly meetings, earning merit badges, camping, participating in high-adventure excursions, and leading other Scouts in a major service project, each young man has attained the rank of Eagle Scout.

Though only about 5 percent of Scouts achieve the Eagle rank, more than half the members of Den 6 have reached this goal—a testament to Zane’s leadership in the early years of their Scouting experience and beyond. These young men are no longer members of the same troop, yet they remain friends, continue to work together on service projects, and will always be bonded by their Scouting experiences.

A Few Famous Eagle Scounts
Henry Aaron, baseball superstar
Neil Armstrong, first astronaut to walk on the moon
Stephen Breyer, Supreme Court justice
Gerald Ford, U.S. President
Mike Rowe, star of Dirty Jobs
Steven Spielberg, movie producer
Sam Walton, founder of Walmart
Edward O. Wilson, distinguished biologist and writer

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